Makerere University determined to receive Students in a staggered manner.

Makerere University determined to receive Students in a staggered manner.

Makerere University has released a statement about reporting of students at campus in a staggered manner as recommended by the government.

According to a statement dated 17th February 2021 by the deputy vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) Umar Kakumba, Fresher’s (Year one, Undergraduate and graduate) will be oriented, enrolled and registered starting with Monday 22nd February to Saturday 27th February 2021.

The statement further orders each college registrar to produce a detailed plan to conduct fresher’s orientation and registration sessions on campus.

Freshers will start attending lectures on Monday 1st March to 27th March 2021 ( a period of 4 weeks at Campus) and online lectures will follow up to completion, according to the statement.

Students pursuing Health and Veterinary sciences programmes, Architecture and 4th year Agriculture are expected to report to campus on the 1st March until the end of the semester.

The year two students and other non-finalist students (who should have already started online teaching from 8th February 2021) will report on campus for labaratory and practicums from 28th March-24th April 2021 (4 weeks on Campus, Kakumba said in a statement.

Other finalist students will be the last group to report to campus for labaratory and practicums for a period of 4 weeks (25 April-22nd May 2021.

Final year students, all students from College of Health Sciences, Veterinary medicine and Biosecurity, Architecture program and 4th year Agriculture will sit for the end of semester examination starting with 24 May to 5 June 2021.

Freshers and year two (and other non finalist students) will write their examinations starting with 7th June to 19th June 2021, according to the statement.


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