Boomplay Free vs Premium: Is it Worth Upgrading?

Boomplay Free vs Premium: Is it Worth Upgrading?
People no longer buy CDs, cassette tapes, or even store gigabytes worth of music on their devices. Online streaming is the in-thing now. Music streaming services gives access to unlimited content. Plus, you can instantly get access to all of their favorite music.

One of such music streaming services is Boomplay, one of the biggest music streaming services in Africa with over 50 million content.

It offers the “freemium” plan which allows user access an ad-supported version of the service for free and the Premium plan which allows users stream and download songs and videos.

If you currently use Boomplay’s free plan, this article will help you decide whether an upgrade to the premium plan is worth it, or you should just stay put.

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Free Plan

Upon installation (that’s if you don’t already have it pre-installed on your smartphone) and signing up to use the Boomplay, you automatically get access to use the free version of the service. This free plan allows you access to an ad-supported version of the service at zero cost. You can stream and download selected content with the free plan.

Premium Plan

Ad-free content

Just like any other music streaming services out there, you have to upgrade to Boomplay’s premium package to get rid of ads that pop-up at intervals and interrupt streaming.

Music Downloads and Offline Play

While Boomplay lets you download content for offline play on the free plan, you have to upgrade to its premium package to get access to unlimited music download.

Is An Upgrade Worth It?

One major selling point of the premium plan on Boomplay is that it lets you download any content available on the platform to listen offline. Another one is the ads free experience you get.

However, upgrading to the premium plan boils down to your streaming needs and preference. If streaming music online is all you want, the free plan should suffice. However, if you enjoy listening to music offline, you definitely want to upgrade to the premium plan.

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