School fences off premise over sex workers

School fences off premise over sex workers

KAARO KARUNGI | BUIKWE – Njeru Primary School, A government-aided primary school in Njeru municipality in Buikwe District, has fenced off a section of its property following an influx of prostitutes who had turned its playground into a lodging facility.

“The situation is very bad at night, most especially during holidays and when the pupils have left for home. You find people openly having sex, smoking marijuana, while others would flee naked upon seeing our team closing in on them,” Mr Damian Buregyeya, the chairperson of Triangle Village said.

“The circumstance is terrible around evening time, most particularly during occasions and when the understudies have left for home. You discover individuals transparently engaging in sexual relations, smoking maryjane, while others would escape stripped after seeing our group surrounding them,” he said.

Mr James Lubale, a Boda rider in Njeru district, said a few customers subtly request that he ride them there.

“I later understood that women direct their customers to some dull corners of the school compound since there is no power and security,” he said.

Mr Farouk Musuuba, the head teacher, said parents, who were worried for their kids’ security and that of the school property entrusted him to search for intends to fence the school since certain children were misusing the slip by to get away and go fishing.


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