Desperate Kadaga begs for forgiveness and accepts the Vice President Job

Desperate Kadaga  begs for forgiveness and accepts the Vice President Job

KAARO KARUNGI | KAMPALA – Former Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has apologized to President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, and expressed her readiness in serving as Vice President if appointed.

Months ago, Kadaga had sworn she would not accept the vice president job.

But government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo criticized her for despising the VP position.

Opondo had also made it clear Museveni had not yet made the decision to appoint Kadaga his vice president.

Hours before Kadaga announced her decision to stand for speaker as an independent candidate, Museveni had sent messengers to her to think twice about her plan and accept the VP job.

The ruling NRM party Central Executive Committee (CEC) had picked Kadaga’s hitherto deputy Jacob Oulanyah as speaker candidate.

But the Kamuli Woman MP had told the messengers she would think about the offer and respond to the president.

A few hours later, she rushed to Hotel Africana and announced she would challenge NRM CEC speaker candidate Oulanyah.

Political commentators like Andrew Mwenda quickly warned Kadaga it would end in tears.

It did a day later.

Now, sources at State House and within Kadaga’s camp have told DailyNews Ug that Kadaga has sent emissaries to deliver her apologies to the president.

“She wanted the emissaries to convince the president and NRM national chairman to forgive her for defying CEC decision since he chairs it,” a source told this news publication.

“Honorable Kadaga also instructed her people to let the president know she is ready to work with him in the VP capacity.”


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