Why cause all this type of pain to a parent?

Why cause all this type of pain to a parent?

It is difficult to imagine the state in which Mrs. Catherine Wamala is following the tragic death of her daughter more so after her mother had died.


If you put yourself in the shoes of Mrs Wamala, you surely can only entrust her to God. She had just talked to her daughter Brenda to come with a phone charger only to get the sad news that her husband General Katumba Wamala had narrowly survived an assassination which took the life of their daughter Brenda 32.


Many times people commit such acts as if they are to be in this life for long. Why would you get Mrs. Wamala into the situation she is going through now? There is need to turn to God. In Uganda life has become so cheap. One reason is greed.


Our sympathy to Mrs. Catherine Wamala, Brends’s siblings, General Wamala who loved his daughter so much, relatives and friends.


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