It’s not a surprise to see Owek Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo ,s name on Gen. Museveni,s cabinet list. 

It’s not a surprise to see Owek Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo ,s name on Gen. Museveni,s cabinet list. 


The speculation about it has been around since February, And some FDC leaders tried to engage her on what has been let out, myself I was told by her own staff( Designation not disclosed) the staff listened to her phone conversation with a certain regime leader.


In the said conversation that confused her staff not to come to conclusion thou after observing her change of conduct , Joyce was worried about the task ahead and not sure if she will manage the duty to be assigned .


Before I go further, I want to state it clearly to the political excited crooks and those that feel betrayed , the FDC institution has never chaired any National Executive committee or party organ meeting to endorse her as a minister.


What has been published was between Gen museveni and her, not the FDC institution.


As per the FDC constitution Article 12 ( d) on cessation, Joyce is no longer the FDC institution member or leader.


President kizza Besigye says, we shouldn’t attack fighters that throw in the towel and join the oppressors, we need to appreciate their sacrifice rendered to the struggle, we need to know that we all join the struggle with different motives.


The struggle has taken long but the strong hearted people shall win, the weak minded like her , Betty kamya, Sarah kanyike,Beatrice Anywar, Others will give up for personal gains and their impatient, thou they should know the system they joined plays politics of exposure, the General uses you and later dumps you.


Fellow captives, we need to recall that the former FDC vice president Buganda region Joyce started her treacherous actions in 2017.


When the FDC- NEC took a decision to support FDC’s Kantinti Apollo in the by-election for kyandondo East , Joyce vigorously supported Bobi Kyagulanyi who used to camp at our party headquarters to get our flag .


The FDC institution had programs of mobilisation, in Buganda, her being the head of Buganda region, most of our programmes were left hanging.


When party primaries started August , she was an apologist of Kawalya, faridah Nakabugo and other KCCA LC5 councilors who had previously sold city hall to NRM during the speakership race were our former Deputy lord mayor Nyanjura Doreen was betrayed.


The party requested for an apology from them, they refused to respond, our Ec ‘re attacked by not giving them nomination certificates pending their apology.


Joyce as our Elder, who hasn’t been facing opponents in our primaries a decision agreed by our NEC, forcefully got Abubaker kawalya,s MP nomination documents, she wanted him nominated by hook or crook.


The FDC institution defied and got candidates in the various positions against her will, something that didn’t put a smile on her face .


The party vetting process was over stepped by her, as she demanded daughters of her friends in NRM to take up the elective positions in Rubaga.


When elections commenced, she literally never campaigned for FDC flag bearers, her campaign structure, had ANT, NRM and NUP members.


At one time, she crookishly said, she can win Rubaga mayoral race without FDC.


Joyce is among the FDC leaders that abandoned our presidential candidate H. E Patrick Oboi Amuriat.


In all the Buganda districts POA reached, Joyce was no where to be seen. Even when POA was in Kampala on 17th December 2020, as he got arrested , Joyce never appeared even at the police station.


All in all , As the entire OPPOSITION, we should know that we still have consistent leaders and weak minded leaders who will keep on working with us disguising as captives.


President kizza Besigye says, all political parties inclusive of the Nrm are infiltrated, we have moles that will freely work with us, some will be known while others will survive.


Am happy for Joyce that she has finally come out of darkness.


Lastly, At one point during the speakership race, I had a conversation with acertain fighter, that ordinary fighter I trust told me that the problem with our people, you over trust such leaders, when they mess up, you feel totally depressed.


Regardless, keep pushing to subdue the Gun rule to people rule .


By Nasasira Barnabas Kifefe’s opinion


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