The 7 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Airtel Money Super Saver

The 7 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Airtel Money Super Saver

With the SUPER SAVER service, Airtel mobile money customers can save and fix money using their mobile money account.

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Airtel Super saver offers regular savings and fixed deposits. PHOTO via @TWITTER

#1. Airtel Super Saver: what is it?

A SUPER SAVER service, available to all Airtel mobile money customers, allows customers to save and fix money using Airtel mobile money.

#2. How do I subscribe to SUPER SAVER?

To subscribe to SUPER SAVER service, dial *185*7*11#.

#3. How do I qualify for SUPER SAVER?

Customers must have a valid Airtel Money Simcard with sufficient funds in their Airtel Money account where they wish to save.

#4. What makes SUPERSAVER so special?

Customers of Airtel can take advantage of this new savings product to save money without having to open a bank account or even visit a bank to save while achieving their goals.

#5. Why should I use SUPER SAVER?

Airtel Super saver offers two types of savings products: Regular savings and fixed deposits.

Regular savings:

  • Customers can choose Regular Savings by dialling *185*7*11#.
  • Deposits can be made at any time as low as UGX 500.
  • 5% interest is earned per annum and paid weekly to the customer’s savings account.
  • Airtel money wallet customers can deposit money for free.
  • Customers can view a mini statement (including deposits, withdrawals, and rewards) by dialling *185*7*11#.
  • The customer can close the Regular savings account at any time and will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • There is no limit to the life of the savings account.
  • There are no set-up fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • To register, dial *185*7*11#.
  • No fees or penalties apply to withdrawals from Regular savings accounts.

Fixed deposits:

  • *185*7*11# will offer customers the option to choose a fixed deposit.
  • Deposits are free to customers on fixed deposits, with a minimum deposit of UGX250,000 and a fixed tenure period.
  • The customer can choose to fix their funds to 3, 6 or 12 months in the fixed deposit account.
  • Customers will earn interest based on selected tenor period which is 3 months =8%, 6months =8.5%, 12months=9% per annum.
  • Interest will be earned based on the selected tenor period, which is 3 months = 8%, 6 months = 8.5%, and 12 months = 9%.
  • At the end of the tenure period, interest will be paid.
  • There will be no transaction fees for deposits or withdrawals from the fixed deposit account.
  • You can view your fixed deposit balance by dialling *185*7*11#.
  • Fixed deposit accounts can be closed at any time by the customer. They will receive a notification by SMS.
  • Customers can register by dialling *185*7*11#.
  • Fixed accounts have no end date. There is no limit to the life of a fixed account.

#6. How will I know if a transaction is rejected or failed?

You will receive an SMS notification.

#7. How do I get in touch with SUPERSAVER if I have any questions?

You can visit any of the Airtel service centres nationwide, call the 24/7hr call centre or send a message on one of the social media pages.


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