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My Husband Forced Me To Sleep With Another Man On Our Wedding Night


Masika Louise from the Democratic Republic of Congo shares her heart-wrenching story with us. What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life turned into an unimaginable nightmare when her husband forced her into a decision that would forever change the course of her life.

Louise says that she met her husband at university. She was a year younger, and they began dating. She says that he was serious, romantic, and attentive, and that is what made her attracted to him.

After three years of dating, they decided to plan a wedding, although sometimes the guy tried to avoid the marriage topic. He eventually agreed to get married.

Louise says although both had agreed to wait until marriage to have sex, sometimes she wanted to get intimate, but the guy always insisted on waiting until marriage. She saw this as a sign of respect for her decision.

The wedding came, and they invited friends and family to witness, excited to finally begin their life together as a married couple. They went to their hotel after the wedding. However, Louise had noticed an unsettling thing with her husband.

She says that when she tried getting intimate with her husband, he stopped her and told her he had a surprise for her. Louise rushed to the washroom, and upon coming back, she found a man lying naked on the bed and her husband gone.

The man forced her to sleep with him. She struggled to fight him, but he overpowered her. Louise screamed, and the hotel attendant came to her rescue, but it was too late; the man had already taken advantage of her.

The security guards managed to call the man, and he was apprehended. The man eventually agreed to confess, and he said the whole thing was orchestrated by her husband. The man also mentioned that the husband had sexual dysfunction and had hired him to replace him.

She says the case went to court, but the husband’s whereabouts were unknown, so no justice was served. The husband has been missing for 1 and a half years now.

People were deeply saddened upon hearing about the incident; his family was ashamed and said it would have been better if he had spoken the truth about his condition.

Louise says she is not sure whether she will ever be able to forgive him for what he did. She urges couples to be honest with one another in order to make marriages work.