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19 Face Capital Offence Charges in Mukono Boda Boda Mob Lynching Case

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Nineteen individuals accused of vigilante justice in response to boda boda robberies, resulting in the deaths of four suspects, faced charges of murder before the magistrate’s court in Mukono.

Under tight security, the suspects were transported from Mukono police division custody to appear in court.

The charges stemmed from the killings of Sanya Denis, Wafula Moses, Junior Masiga, and Abdallah Ssemujju, whose bodies were burned beyond recognition.

Magistrate Peace Lamunu informed the group that they could not enter a plea as the case falls under capital offenses, triable only by the High Court.

Consequently, they were remanded to Luzira government prison until May 2, 2024, except for a 16-year-old minor remanded to Naguru remand home.

Outside the courtroom, relatives of the accused expressed dissatisfaction with Mukono police, alleging the arrest of innocent individuals.

They criticized the police for conducting arrests without thorough investigations, asserting that while some were released after paying bail, those unable to afford it remained in custody.

Margaret Nakavubu, a Mukono community leader, urged the police to prioritize the case involving alleged CMI officer Kenneth Mugombesha, considered the main suspect in the incident, and ensure his appearance in court.

Source: The Standard News