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Amuriat Responds to Lukwago’s Challenge Over FDC Headquarters

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi after being declared the party flag bearer for the 2021 general elections during the FDC National Council meeting to elect the Party Flag bearer at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi yesterday on October 8th 2020. PHOTO BY DAVID LUBOWA
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In a recent campaign event, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, seeking re-election as the president of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), responded to Erias Lukwago’s earlier challenge to take over the party headquarters.

Amuriat reassured the members aligned with the Najjanankumbi faction that the party would remain resilient despite ongoing internal conflicts.

During a gathering at the party president’s residence, FDC delegates from various Kampala districts listened to candidates vying for leadership positions. Geoffrey Ekanya, a party member and contestant, expressed his belief in the party’s potential, saying, “We are at a crossroads, Dp is gone, Nup is weak – the only party that has hope is you.”

These delegates are loyal to the Najjanankumbi faction, led by Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Nandala Mafabi.

Akello Judith Franca, a former member of Parliament from Agago now seeking the position of party treasurer general, also shared her confidence in the party’s political standing while addressing the delegates.

Amuriat, in response to Lukwago’s threat to storm and take over the party headquarters, advised against using force, emphasizing the need for peaceful dialogue. He dismissed the threat as misconceived and risky, inviting Lukwago to engage in constructive discussions.

Amuriat acknowledged the unprecedented nature of the internal strife within the FDC, accusing Lukwago of evading engagement and resorting to chest-thumping tactics.

However, despite the challenges, Amuriat remained optimistic about the party’s future. The FDC is preparing for an election scheduled for this Friday, and any delay could lead to a constitutional crisis and potential de-registration of the party.

Amuriat concluded, “If we don’t conclude this election by 7th October this year, we will face a constitutional crisis that we want to avoid. This crisis may result in a leadership vacuum, and there’s a risk of the Katonga faction organizing a parallel event as our delegates converge in Lugogo for the election process.”