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Bizarre: Indian woman marries 5 brothers

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Polygamy and monogamy are the most common types of marriages historically known to Africans. However, another unconventional form of marriage called polyandry, which allows a woman to have multiple husbands, is more commonly practiced in India than Africa.

One woman in India named Rajo Verma has taken this idea to the next level by marrying five brothers, Guddu, Gopal, Dinesh, Sant Ram, and Bajju.

Rajo first married Guddu, and four years later, she married the other four brothers. Although she has a child, she doesn’t know who the father is because she loves and cares for all her husbands equally. The entire family lives together in a one-room apartment with no beds, only blankets on the floor.

Each night, Rajo sleeps with one of her husbands while doing all the household chores while the others are at work. Despite some people’s disbelief and criticism, Rajo feels happy and loved because she receives attention and care from all her husbands. She believes her life is better than most other women’s lives.

But what would happen if polyandry became standard in Africa? Would it be okay for men to share their wives, and would women consider marrying multiple men? By pondering this unconventional concept, it’s interesting to consider how different our marriages would be if polyandry was more widely accepted.

Story Source: Afro gazette