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Bizzare Incident: Thirsty Nurse Caught Red-Handed on Top of Patient [video]

nurse banging patient
nurse banging patient

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Bizzare Incident: Thirsty nurse caught red-handed on top of patient – The Ghanaian internet has been set ablaze with a viral video of a nurse having se.x with a male patient.

Afrogazette, an online news outlet, has obtained the video and shared it with the public. In the video, the nurse can be seen waiting for her colleagues to leave the hospital before sneaking into the male ward.

She covered herself with a piece of cloth on the bed and began engaging in intercourse with the patient who appeared to have agreed to the encounter beforehand.

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The nurse carried out the act quietly, without making any sound to avoid suspicion from other hospital staff.

However, her actions were recorded by a security guard who showed it to the hospital authorities the following day. It is unclear what action has been taken against the nurse, but the video has sparked outrage among Ghanaians, with many calling for her dismissal and prosecution.


The incident has raised serious questions about the conduct of healthcare professionals and the safety of patients in hospitals. Patients are extremely vulnerable and rely on healthcare professionals to provide care and support during their treatment. The nurse’s actions have not only violated the patient’s trust but also compromised his health and well-being.

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Furthermore, the incident highlights the need for hospitals to have stringent policies and procedures in place to safeguard patients from abuse and exploitation. It is the responsibility of healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive the utmost care and attention in a safe and secure environment.


-Source: Afrogazette