Bobi Wine to pay extra Shs 337.6m for armored car, URA Orders

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Uganda Revenue Authority has ordered former Presidential candidate, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi to pay an extra Shs 337,698,776 of tax before he can get back his armored car.

URA confirmed that the car was armored and was cleared as a normal vehicle and not as an armored car.

Bobi Wine has however condemned the message from URA and called it very shameful. He revealed that the vehicle was cleared and the process was very easy because it wasn’t in his name.

“The vehicle was taken to the Directorate of Interpol in Kololo and they cleared it. It was then taken  to the forensics department of police in Naguru, and they too cleared it. Then we took it to URA and they did their own independent verification and levied the relevant tax which we paid,” he said.

“The reason we did all this very easily was because my name hadn’t come into the picture. For several months, they did not raise any issue. Indeed, if the car belonged to any other citizen, there wouldn’t be any issue,” he adds.

Earlier this month, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) ordered former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, to return his bulletproof car for a fresh tax re-verification.

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