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Buganda’s Katikiro Mayiga Calls for Better Hygiene in Masaka

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IMG 20240213 WA0650
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Charles Peter Mayiga, the Prime Minister (Katikiro) of the Buganda Kingdom, has expressed his strong disapproval of the prevalent unhygienic conditions within the communities of Masaka City. He urged the city’s leadership to take immediate and decisive action to rectify this concerning situation.

The Katikiro said the modern-day generation and leadership should have no space for untidiness amongst them. He said there is an urgent need to mobilize communities to live up to the required standards and improve the quality of their lives.

Charles Peter Mayiga was speaking during the opening of the renovated official residence of the Buddu County Chief at Ssaza grounds in Masaka City on Tuesday.

He made specific reference to the messy homesteads, garbage-clogged trading centers, and filthy business premises in Masaka. He noted that such ugly scenes are should not be part of the habitats for civilized societies.

He called upon the leaders in all spheres to diligently perform the responsibilities vested upon them, and work towards transforming their communities.

Katikiro also reiterated that the Kingdom is not about to relent on its aspiration for a Federal system of administration that allows for the sharing of powers and resources between the central and regional governments, saying it’s the solution for equitable social-economic empowerment for all people.

The official traditional residency of the Buddu County Chief, which is referred to as Buddukiro, was constructed in 1935 during the reign of Kabaka Daudi Chwa II.

It was however taken over by the Central government in 1967 and became part of the administrative offices of Masaka district local government until 2013, when it was returned to Buganda.

Jude Muleke, the current Buddu County Chief indicates that until late 2019 when they regained full control of the house from Masaka district authorities, it was occupied by the district Finance Department, which had however never renovated it for decades.

He reported to the Katikiro that they have conducted major repairs on the house with over 287 million shillings spent on the exercise. Muleke said the house has regained its stature, and now stands out as one of the esteemed symbols of the kingdom’s legacy.

Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, the MP for Nyendo-Mukungwe also Commissioner of Parliament noted that the major renovation of the Chief residence, which was done through voluntary fundraising, is a clear manifestation that the subjects are committed to transforming the kingdom once given the opportunity.

He says besides some of the Kingdom’s properties that are still in the hands of the central government, as MPs, they are committed to continue pushing for a fair share of the national resources for the good of the region.