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Kiryandongo Fish Project Seeks Government Assistance for Expansion


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Fish farmers in Kiryandongo District are asking the government for assistance to ensure the success of their fishing businesses in the region.

Members of the Kiryandongo fish project are determined to expand their fish reserves and gain knowledge about fish preservation for their enterprise’s future. In January 2023, the Ugandan government, through the Development Response to the Displacement Impact Project (DR DIP), invested Shs116 million in the Kiryandongo village fish project. This funding was allocated for constructing two important fishponds in the district.

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Joyce Kababanda, the chairperson of the Kiryandongo village fish group, stresses the importance of additional government support. She highlights the need for funds to buy fish feeds and establish essential infrastructure to maintain a consistent and sustainable fish population.

“Kiryandongo Village Fish Project still needs the government’s financial support, and the knowledge required by our members in fish preservation is essential for our ultimate success,” she noted.

“By the time of our harvest in December, we anticipate generating Shs100 million in revenue from the two fishponds, and we have comprehensive sustainability plans firmly in place,” she added.

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Despite collecting a weekly amount of between Shs160,000-Shs350,000 for fish feeds from members, Kababanda acknowledges that there are substantial financial burdens due to limited incomes.

Paulin Liz Nagujja, the Community Development Officer in Kiryandongo Town Council, mentioned that the increasing participation of women in the project is a positive trend.

“The Community Development Office remains committed to empowering our members by providing training in group dynamics and project management, and this commitment will undoubtedly ensure the long-term success of our fish farming project,” Nagujja affirmed.

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Nagujja also highlighted the need for the government to establish a special project to support people with disabilities in the area, emphasizing dedication to inclusivity and community development.

“With the right support and resources, the Kiryandongo 2 fish project aims to achieve self-sufficiency and economic empowerment for its members while significantly boosting fish production in the region,” she suggested.