Home Environment KCCA Appeals for Funding to Establish Modern Waste Disposal Site

KCCA Appeals for Funding to Establish Modern Waste Disposal Site

kcca appeals for funding to establish modern waste disposal site
kcca appeals for funding to establish modern waste disposal site

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Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is pursuing a financial allocation of sh190 billion to establish a modern landfill at a recently acquired site in Ddungu, Kyampisi Sub-County, Mukono District. The move comes in response to the overflowing state of the existing Kiteezi landfill in Wakiso District, prompting concerns about public health and safety risks. The Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, expressed dismay during a fact-finding mission, highlighting that despite a sh4.1 billion expenditure in the Financial Year 2023/24 for Kiteezi’s operations, the landfill has devolved into an open dumpsite.

The 36-acre Kiteezi landfill, originally intended for proper waste disposal, has now become a site featuring “mountains” of garbage. Lukwago emphasized the urgency of relocation due to the associated health and safety risks. KCCA had acquired 135 acres of land in Ddundu, but a lack of government development and the failure to construct a recycling plant hindered progress. Lukwago revealed that a recommended government commitment of sh26 billion to expand the Kiteezi landfill and acquire additional land for continued operations remains pending.

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During the fact-finding tour, it was discovered that crucial equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and compactors, was in poor condition. The leachate treatment plant was non-operational, and the weigh-bridge, crucial for accurate waste measurement, was nonexistent. Lukwago stressed the need for concerted efforts from stakeholders, including Parliament and Cabinet, to address the national challenge posed by the deteriorating Kiteezi landfill.

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KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka highlighted the environmental impact of open dumpsites and emphasized the necessity of a sustainable waste disposal solution. The failure of Kiteezi operations in December exemplified the fragility of the current system, disrupting waste disposal and resulting in an unbearable stench. The proposed new landfill in Ddungu aims to address these challenges and ensure the uninterrupted disposal of waste from Kampala city.

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The looming disaster prompted KCCA’s call for financial support, emphasizing that investing in waste collection without a proper disposal site would impact the entire waste management system. The visit involved key stakeholders, including members of the city executive committee, the public health committee of the authority council, and the public health technical team.