Home Government PM Nabbanja Inaugurates Kyegegwa District Administration Building

PM Nabbanja Inaugurates Kyegegwa District Administration Building

PM commissions Kyegegwa District Administration Block
PM commissions Kyegegwa District Administration Block

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  • Uganda’s Prime Minister Unveils Kyegegwa District Admin Block
  • Multi-Billion Shilling Admin Block Opens
  • Kyegegwa District Gets New Administration Block – PM’s Initiative

In a significant development, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja officially opened the Kyegegwa District Administration Block on Sunday. The impressive structure, valued at Sh2.6 billion, was constructed as part of the Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (DRDIP), an initiative undertaken by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Contributions totaling Sh600 million were made by both the Central Government and the Ministry of Local Government towards the construction of this administration building. DRDIP, which spans across 15 refugee hosting districts, including Kyegegwa, has seen the construction of similar administration blocks in nine of these districts, along with the establishment of health facilities and schools. This project is designed to address the development needs of both refugees and host communities.

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Prime Minister Nabbanja praised the district’s leadership for successfully completing the structure and urged them to make efficient use of this resource. She emphasized the value for money, highlighting that some districts with even more significant budgets have yet to finish their administration blocks.

Nabbanja encouraged leaders at various levels to actively oversee the implementation of government programs.

Kyegegwa District Chairperson, John Byamukama Kisoke, expressed gratitude to the Office of the Prime Minister for funding the construction of the administration block. Dr. Robert Limlim, the director of DRDIP, revealed that the district had been responsible for procuring the contractor and monitoring the construction of the building. He also noted the significant improvement in the capacity of districts to manage and supervise such large-scale projects, with similar structures in nine other districts prepared for commissioning.

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The district’s leadership has called upon the government and partners to consider a second phase of the project to address additional development needs. The first phase of this World Bank-funded initiative is set to conclude this year.

About DRDIP:

DRDIP is a World Bank-funded project spanning four East African countries. In Uganda, it is a five-year project implemented under the Office of the Prime Minister, aimed at providing development and income support to vulnerable populations in refugee hosting districts.

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DRDIP Uganda is financed by a USD 150 million grant and a USD 50 million IDA loan, approved by the World Bank in 2017. The project’s goal is to enhance access to basic social services, expand economic opportunities, and improve environmental management in refugee host district communities and settlements.

It addresses the socio-economic and environmental impacts of protracted refugee presence in host communities and refugee settlements through various interconnected investment components.

Currently, DRDIP is active in 15 refugee hosting districts across Uganda, supporting investments in social services, economic infrastructure, environmental management, traditional and non-traditional livelihoods, and project coordination activities at both national and local levels.