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VP Alupo Inaugurates Road Projects in Katakwi

Alupo and Nabbanja
Alupo and Nabbanja
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Vice-President Jessica Alupo has officially launched the construction and maintenance of community access roads in Katakwi, a district in eastern Uganda. The initiative is part of the government’s commitment to enhancing road infrastructure across the nation, with President Yoweri Museveni allocating sh1 billion to each district for road maintenance.

The commissioned roads include Koritok-Aparisa-Ocorimongin Road (7.5km), estimated at sh282 million, Abwokodia-Ongatunyo-Milimili-Aketa Road (7km) at sh285 million, and Ocorimongin-Alese-Omodoi Road (8km) at sh282 million. Katakwi, as part of the fiscal year 2023/2024 budget, received an additional sh1 billion for road maintenance, supplementing funds from the Road Fund.

VP Alupo praised the government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure and ensuring that districts have ample resources for road maintenance and enhancement. The allocation of extra funds through the Road Fund aims to address routine maintenance of existing murram roads within each district.

She emphasized the importance of quality construction materials and adherence to standards, urging contractors to uphold these principles. Alupo assured the public that the government is procuring road equipment for districts, particularly the 11 districts currently lacking such equipment.

Addressing the Katakwi district chief administration officer, she urged fair and equal allocation of the sh1 billion to benefit the entire district. Alupo highlighted the government’s efforts to consolidate unity in Katakwi, encouraging residents to embrace development programs.

Katakwi’s resident district commissioner, Maj. Godfrey Katamba, expressed concern over the rising maintenance costs of district road equipment, requesting government consideration. He stressed the need to cover ball pits after excavation to prevent accidents, noting instances of child fatalities in open pits.

District Chairman Geoffrey Omolo thanked the government and appealed for attention to equipment maintenance costs. District engineer Andrew Echatu reported the completion of road maintenance and the start of activities, emphasizing the importance of quality control for maximizing social and economic benefits from improved roads.