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Champion Gudo’s Concert Flop: Reasons Revealed

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On September 25, 2023, a concert featuring singer Alien Skin and Fangon forest leader Champion Gudo took place at Lugogo KCCA grounds, titled “The Return of Champion Gudo.” The primary goal of this event was to raise funds for Champion Gudo’s mother to secure a new home and leave behind her life in the ghetto.

Regrettably, the concert faced a low turnout, with fewer than 600 attendees showing up to support the cause. Alien Skin, known for his significant following after an incident involving Pallaso, had organized a successful concert previously. However, following that event, his behavior shifted as he began disrespecting the media and engaging in conflicts with individuals he disliked. Some media outlets even chose to cease coverage of him due to his actions.

Over the weekend, Champion Gudo’s concert suffered a similar fate. Social media users attributed the lack of success to his unfavorable conduct, which had caused fans to distance themselves from him. It became evident that his supporters were no longer willing to tolerate his behavior, resulting in the disappointing turnout.