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Covid-19 hindering health care for vulnerables

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By Twesigye Innocent

Government previous lockdown limited access to the adequate health care services which is a challenge for vulnerable people such as people living with HIV/AIDs,disabled people, undocumented migrants, poor people,the pregnant with special cases and more.
National taskforce meeting at the office of prime minister on 27th may 2021, issued a proposal document to ensure that all the previously agreed SOPS should be enforced with immediate effect and also make communications reminding the people of the previous SOPS.
As a consequence of health system reforms as a result of covid-19 were undertaken by the state,some of them disproportionately affecting vulnerable people and reducing access to health care services.
Dr Maganda Peter at Kasubi KCCA hospital said,health care service should not only be accessible and affordable, but also reponsive. This implies services have to be tailored to the needs of people living in poverty or at risk of social exclusion.
The second wave of covid-19 recalled the special operation procedures of covid-19 ,”so I encourage people to openly comply with the SOPS of covid-19 because its away to live life even if it still challenges the vulnerable people for example people living with HIV/AIDs have to keep moving to pick ARVS”he remarked.
Nakazi Harriet a patient living with Hiv/AIDS said,if the lockdown is re-inforced patients in rural areas will be likely to miss up the dosage flow thus ” I call upon the government to arrange the extension of services to the the people living with HIV/AIDs through giving able clinics in rural areas to aid in distribution of ARVS and other small needy services to the people “. She reviled.
Assimwe Becky a bussines woman in Kampala kiseka market said,lockdown is meant to keep Ugandans safe and protect them from the spread of covid-19,but lockdown its self is now becoming like another disease to some people, it develop stresses, heart attacks,pressure raising as they have loans to pay, look after their families as its known that in lockdown nothing moves on .
“The vulnerable people are those that need special care services this means people will lack what to eat among other basic needs thus raising the number of vulnerables to take care of,”she remarked.

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