Home Crime Bobi Wine Sounds Alarm on Uganda’s Clergy Turning to Guns

Bobi Wine Sounds Alarm on Uganda’s Clergy Turning to Guns

bobi wine sounds alarm on ugandas clergy turning to guns
bobi wine sounds alarm on ugandas clergy turning to guns
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Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine, has voiced concern over the deteriorating state of security in Uganda, suggesting that some religious figures feel safer armed with guns than relying on the protection of God. Bobi Wine’s remarks came in the aftermath of a fatal shooting incident targeting Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, a vocal Pentecostal church minister and a controversial supporter of President Museveni.

Bobi Wine expressed his dismay at the apparent need for religious leaders to seek protection from soldiers and firearms, highlighting the troubled conditions prevailing in the East African country. He decried the situation, stating, “Our country is so messed up that some ‘men and women of God’ feel safer with soldiers and guns other than the presence of God.”

The shooting incident, which claimed the life of Bugingo’s driver bodyguard from the presidential guard, has sparked a multitude of conspiracy theories circulating on social media. Bobi Wine took the opportunity to denounce urban crime and the use of deadly gunfire in Uganda, emphasizing the need for a safer and more stable environment.

Reflecting on the state of affairs, Bobi Wine criticized certain religious leaders for attempting to appease those in power rather than seeking solace in the Almighty. He expressed concern about the collaboration of some clergy with the government, calling it a shame and urging individuals to speak out against such issues before they escalate.

In the wake of the shooting, pastors in central Uganda appealed to the presidency to enhance their security due to the perceived threat of attacks. Bobi Wine, acknowledging the contentious relationship with Pastor Bugingo, called for prayers and encouraged love over hate. He expressed hope that Bugingo’s survival would open his eyes to the challenges facing the country.

Despite their differences, Bobi Wine extended sympathies to Bugingo and President Museveni’s son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, both of whom were targeted in the attack. He urged Bugingo to use his life to glorify God and cautioned against hatred, emphasizing the need for unity in the face of adversity.

Bobi Wine concluded by addressing the broader issues in Uganda, asserting that demanding better governance, responsible firearm control, and thorough investigations into crimes should not be dismissed as mere politics. He pointed out the irony of regime apologists only acknowledging the gravity of such matters when they become victims.

As Ugandans, including Gen Muhoozi, expressed their outrage, the police pledged to expedite the investigation into the presumed assault, reviewing CCTV footage to establish the circumstances leading to the attack. President Museveni, in his 2023 national address, maintained that Uganda was safe enough, despite growing concerns about security and stability.