Home Courts Bugiri Muslim Cleric’s Killer Receives 41-Year Jail Term

Bugiri Muslim Cleric’s Killer Receives 41-Year Jail Term


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A security guard named Mugoya Biasaali has been sentenced to 41 years in prison for the murder of Sheikh Masudi Mutumba, a Muslim cleric, in Bugiri district, Eastern Uganda. Mugoya Biasaali, who worked as a supervisor at SGA private security company, was arrested in 2020 for shooting Sheikh Masudi Mutumba, aged 60, as he was returning home from prayers around 9:45 pm.

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Initially, the security guard denied the murder charges but changed his plea to guilty last month. On Monday, the court, chaired by Brig Freeman Mugabe, handed down a 41-year and 15-day sentence, considering the time already spent on remand and mitigating factors.

The incident occurred in February 2020 and created panic among the public, fearing a resurgence of killings targeting Muslim clerics. However, investigations by the Police Flying Squad revealed that the murder was related to a family land dispute.

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The arrest of several family members linked to the crime, along with the boda boda rider who transported the assassin to and from the crime scene, led to the security guard’s apprehension. He was eventually tricked into coming for another mission before being arrested.

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While the security guard admitted to the charges and received his sentence, his co-accused are still facing murder charges in court.