Home Crime Growing Nighttime Security Threats for Boda Boda Riders in Uganda

Growing Nighttime Security Threats for Boda Boda Riders in Uganda

growing nighttime security threats for boda boda riders in uganda
growing nighttime security threats for boda boda riders in uganda

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Security agencies in Uganda have issued a warning to boda boda riders about the rising incidents of robberies and ambushes during nighttime in the Kampala metropolitan area and other regions. The Directorate of Crime Intelligence (DCI), in collaboration with the Flying Squad and general duty police officers, has arrested eight suspected motorcycle robbers.

A report on motorcycle robberies in Kampala and areas like Busoga reveals that the robbers have been targeting boda boda riders, especially those using access routes and village paths, primarily at night. Several riders have been attacked and even killed, including individuals like Moses Kiranga, Ben Wavamuno, and John Musinguzi. DCI and the Flying Squad have been tracking the movement patterns of these criminals, leading to multiple arrests in the Busoga sub-region.

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One incident involved Moses Kiranga, who was killed while carrying Samuel Isabirye, resulting in life-threatening injuries to Isabirye. Ben Wavamuno was fatally attacked while carrying his brother, Mumpya Mesach, on a motorcycle. Security reports noted that Mesach was able to escape and seek help after the attack.

Authorities conducted an operation at Irundu Trading Centre, recovering five stolen motorcycles and registration plates. David Nfaki, a resident of the area, provided information about his accomplices, leading to the arrest of Kenneth Lubega, Yusuf Kitimbo, Isma Dolio, and Solomon Nfaki, who were found in possession of stolen motorcycle number plates.

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The operation was expanded to Kitimbo’s garage in Buyende, where three more suspects were arrested, and additional stolen motorcycles were recovered. Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, cautioned boda boda riders to be cautious about their movement patterns, especially during nighttime, and to avoid dark and secluded routes. Riders were also advised not to take clients to distant areas off the main roads during nighttime hours.

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Enanga emphasized the commitment of law enforcement to combat criminal elements behind boda boda attacks, robberies, and murders. In total, DCI and the Flying Squad have recovered seven suspected stolen motorcycles and various dismantled spare parts. Flying Squad teams have been deployed to different areas to apprehend all suspected motorcycle robbers.