Home Crime Gen Muhoozi Demands Clarity After Pastor Bugingo Survives Deadly Shooting

Gen Muhoozi Demands Clarity After Pastor Bugingo Survives Deadly Shooting

gen muhoozi demands clarity after pastor bugingo survives deadly shooting
gen muhoozi demands clarity after pastor bugingo survives deadly shooting

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First son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is demanding answers from law enforcement in the wake of a shooting that targeted controversial Pentecostal church Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, leaving his bodyguard dead, . The incident, which occurred in Kampala, adds to a series of recurrent attacks in the region, highlighting a troubling pattern of unresolved murders and gang crime.

Pastor Bugingo, a vocal supporter of President Museveni and Gen Muhoozi, sustained slight wounds in the attack, while his bodyguard, Richard Muhumuza, tragically lost his life. The assailants, who fled the scene swiftly on a motorcycle, targeted the House of Prayer Ministries leader, raising concerns over the motives behind the attack.

The shooting adds to the string of similar assaults in Kampala, contributing to a pervasive sense of paralysis surrounding past murders and gang-related crimes. Gen Muhoozi, expressing his concern on social media, questioned the identity of the criminals, raising the possibility of involvement by groups like ADF or other shadowy organizations. The first son emphasized the need for authorities to provide answers regarding these recurring attacks.

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Gen Muhoozi lamented the lack of resolution in previous cases, pointing to the 2023 slaying of outspoken vlogger Ibrahim Tusubira, also known as Isma Olaxess. The first son underscored the urgency of bringing the perpetrators to justice, stating, “This is the second attack on our supporters in the last 8 months, and no offender has been brought to book yet. The case of the cold-blooded murder of Isma Olaxess is still unresolved.”

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The crime scene in Rubaga Division, Kampala, was reportedly tampered with as the suspects escaped, and as of midday, no arrests had been announced by Ugandan authorities. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, adding to the growing frustration over the lack of progress in resolving such cases. Gen Muhoozi called on law enforcement agencies to swiftly investigate and bring the criminals responsible to justice.

Providing information on Pastor Bugingo’s condition, Gen Muhoozi described him as a “strong supporter” and confirmed that the pastor had suffered slight wounds in his left shoulder. Despite the heinous nature of the attack, Bugingo survived, prompting gratitude for his well-being.

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The incident unfolds against the backdrop of a broader issue of unresolved crimes in the region, as highlighted in the 2022 annual police crime report. The report revealed a decrease of 19.9% in cases of murder resulting from domestic violence compared to the previous year. However, only a fraction of the total cases recorded by police made it to court, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the justice system.