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Masindi Mourns the Tragic Death of Acting DHO, Dr. Jino Abiriga

Masindi Hospital
Masindi Hospital
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The community of Masindi District is in mourning following the tragic death of Dr. Jino Abiriga, who served as the acting district health officer (DHO). Dr. Abiriga, also an obstetrician at Masindi Hospital, was discovered lifeless in a neighbor’s compound in Kijura North, Central Division, Masindi Municipality, with injuries to his neck and abdomen.

The distressing incident came to light on Sunday morning when the deceased’s wife found his body in the neighbor’s compound around 6:00 am. According to a family member, Dr. Abiriga had received a call around midnight to attend to a patient, but he did not return. Eyewitnesses suggested the possibility that he was murdered elsewhere, and his body was later dumped in the neighbor’s compound, as the scene displayed few blood droplets.

Residents expressed shock over the sudden death of Dr. Abiriga, as he had attended a wedding party in Kisengya Cell, Nyangahya Division, Masindi Municipality, the previous day. Security forces, including a police sniffer dog and a homicide team, swiftly launched investigations into the incident.

The untimely death of Dr. Abiriga, known for his dedication to healthcare and commitment to serving the community, has left many in disbelief. His impact on maternal health and his contributions to Masindi Hospital and the district at large were widely recognized.

Political leaders, including Joab Businge, the Masindi Municipality MP, lamented the unfortunate loss and noted that Dr. Abiriga had been a victim of conflicts in the district. Moses Kiirya, the Masindi District Council speaker, highlighted the significant role Dr. Abiriga played at the theatre and expressed the district’s profound loss.

Residents and colleagues described Dr. Abiriga as an exceptional doctor who treated everyone with care and compassion. The call for a thorough investigation into his death was echoed by community members, emphasizing the need to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Dr. Abiriga, in his mid-50s, had served as the acting DHO for approximately two years and had an extensive 30-year career as a gynecologist at Masindi Hospital. He also owned Wanainchi Clinic, a private clinic in Masindi town. As the investigation unfolded, his body was taken to Masindi Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

At the time of reporting, details about the incident and the potential motives remained under investigation, with the District Police Commander, Jacob Chepsikor, indicating that more information would be provided as the investigation progressed.