Home Crime Pastor Arrested for Brutally Killing Pregnant Wife in Namisindwa

Pastor Arrested for Brutally Killing Pregnant Wife in Namisindwa


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A 48-year-old pastor from Christ Church was arrested for the gruesome murder of his 44-year-old pregnant wife in a shocking incident in Bukhabusi Sub-county, Namisindwa District, . The suspect, a resident of Malukhu Village, Butiru Parish, is now in custody at Namisindwa Central police station following the tragic domestic violence incident.

The pastor allegedly hacked his wife, Agnes Mandala, to death during a heated domestic dispute. Reports suggest that the suspect had accused his wife on multiple occasions of infidelity with another man in the neighborhood. The lifeless body of the deceased was discovered on the banks of a deep stream of water on Wednesday.

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Elgon Regional Police Spokesperson Rogers Taitika disclosed that the deceased, who was 22 weeks pregnant, showed signs of wounds on the surface of the spleen. A police canine unit was deployed to the crime scene, leading investigators to the suspect’s home, where he was apprehended. Personal belongings of the deceased, including a phone, were found in the possession of the suspect.

Taitika emphasized the need for couples to refrain from resorting to violence as a means of resolving matrimonial problems. The family, friends, and church members of the deceased, visibly devastated by the tragedy, called for a swift investigation into the incident.

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The Elgon region has witnessed an alarming increase in domestic violence cases, as highlighted by Taitika. From January to June 2023, police in the region recorded 70 domestic violence cases and four murders resulting from domestic disputes. The statistics also revealed 35 cases of child torture, 50 cases of aggravated defilement, 29 rape cases, 371 defilement cases, 161 cases of child neglect, and approximately 531 reports of child desertion.

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Baker Mwanya, Mbale Senior Development Officer, attributed the surge in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) cases to factors such as poverty, traditional beliefs, and lack of awareness. Bennah Namono, head of Women activists in Bugisu Sub-region, called for government intervention, particularly in security, to address the rising concerns and ensure the safety of women in the region.