Home Crime Police Launch Investigation into Brutal Killing of Boda Boda Cyclist in Lira

Police Launch Investigation into Brutal Killing of Boda Boda Cyclist in Lira

Lira Police
Lira Police

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The lifeless body of Tom Otwii, a 22-year-old boda boda cyclist known as “Morning,” was discovered on the Lira Soroti highway at Gwengabara. The gruesome murder is suspected to have occurred in Lela Tala Cell, Angwetangwet Ward, in Lira-City West Division.

Otwii, a resident of Omaa Cell, Boroboro Ward, operated as a boda boda cyclist at the Corner Boroboro stage on the Lira Soroti Highway. Morris Jonga, 23, and another individual identified as Ocen, both fellow boda boda riders, have been arrested in connection with the alleged murder. Additional suspects linked to the incident remain at large.

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Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, reported that the territorial police in Lira-City West Division are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the cyclist’s death. Preliminary information suggests that the victim and the suspects attended a disco dance in Lela Tala Cell, where a disagreement escalated into a quarrel and ultimately a fatal fight.

The deceased was reportedly beaten to death, and his lifeless body was discarded on the Lira-Soroti highway near Gwengabara Church of Uganda. Okema highlighted that the case has been registered as murder, and the body has been transported to Lira Regional Referral Hospital Mortuary pending a post-mortem examination.

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“Preliminary findings indicate that the deceased had bruises on his left hand, a broken jaw, and blood coming from the mouth, and the neck looked twisted, but the postmortem will reveal more,” Okema noted.

Although the exact motive for the killing has not been established, the police are relying on the suspects in custody to provide essential information for their ongoing investigation.

A local businessman at Corner Boroboro, where Otwii plied his trade, described the deceased as a disciplined individual who avoided conflicts. Known as ‘Good Boda’ at his stage, Otwii was the sole male in his lineage after his grandfather and father, adding a poignant layer to the tragedy.

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This unfortunate incident contributes to a surge in violent deaths within the Lango sub-region, with more than ten reported cases within the first week of the new year, primarily concentrated in Lira, Apac, and Kole districts.