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Post Bank Under Fire: Parliament Questions Post Bank Over PDM Funds

Post Bank in spotlight as parliament questions PDM money tansfers
PHOTO - The Independent -- Post Bank in spotlight as parliament questions PDM money tansfers

Parliamentary members in Uganda have raised significant concerns regarding alleged fraudulent activities related to the disbursement of funds under the Parish Development Model (PDM) to its intended beneficiaries. The focus of these concerns centers on the utilization of the Wendi mobile application by Post Bank for transferring funds, which reportedly suffered from security breaches, resulting in financial losses.

During a plenary session convened on Thursday, February 29, 2024, Florence Nambozo, an Independent Member of Parliament representing Sironko District, highlighted the widespread misuse of the Wendi App by Post Bank. She emphasized instances where large sums of up to Shs70 million were transferred to PDM leaders, who subsequently encountered difficulties in effectively managing and distributing these funds to the intended recipients. Consequently, numerous individuals faced legal repercussions due to mismanagement and substantial financial losses.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, presiding over the session, acknowledged receiving numerous complaints regarding corruption allegations in the administration of PDM funds. Expressing his concerns, Tayebwa emphasized the necessity for transparency and accountability in the management of public funds, particularly within the context of the PDM initiative.

Tayebwa further expressed his lack of awareness regarding the transition in the disbursement of PDM funds from parish-based Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (Saccos) to beneficiaries’ mobile phones through the Wendi App. He urged Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to provide clarification on this matter and ensure that Parliament remains informed of any changes in PDM implementation.

In response to these queries, Prime Minister Nabbanja justified the adoption of the Wendi App as a means to alleviate the challenges faced by PDM beneficiaries, including long queues and administrative delays encountered in traditional banking processes. She acknowledged the technical shortcomings of the Wendi platform and pledged to address these issues in collaboration with Post Bank.

Nabbanja assured Parliament of her office’s commitment to rectify the deficiencies within the Wendi App and enhance its security measures to prevent further exploitation by fraudulent individuals. She announced plans for a forthcoming meeting with the Managing Director of Post Bank to address the identified concerns comprehensively.