Home Investigation Prison Guard Drowns While Illegally Fishing in Kayunga Pond

Prison Guard Drowns While Illegally Fishing in Kayunga Pond

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On Friday night, a prison warder, Rajab Obelere, attached to Bulawula Prison Farm in Kayunga District, tragically drowned in a fishpond while attempting to catch fish illegally. The incident is currently under investigation by the Kayunga District Police.

According to Rosette Sikahwa, the Kayunga District Police Commander, Obelere, aged 28, and a colleague were assigned to guard the fishpond that night. Instead, they attempted to secretly catch fish using hooks, which ultimately led to the unfortunate incident.

James Muholi, the officer in charge of the farm, attributed the incident to the gum boots Obelere was wearing, suggesting that they may have caused him to slip into the pond. Hooks used for the illegal fishing were discovered at the scene, further confirming the nature of their activity.

After Obelere’s drowning, an unidentified prison warder who was present at the scene tried to rescue him but was unsuccessful. In a bid to alert colleagues, he fired a shot into the air, which prompted others to rush to the scene. Regrettably, they found Obelere had already passed away.

Muholi expressed his sorrow over the situation, noting that it was unfortunate for Obelere to have lost his life in such circumstances. He also mentioned that Obelere had been transferred to the prison just one month prior.

Muholi explained that warders were typically deployed to guard the fishpond due to concerns about fish theft by residents from neighboring communities. As of the latest update, the deceased’s body was at Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital, awaiting a postmortem examination. The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.