Home Crime Two Men Injured in Fight Over Woman with 10 Children

Two Men Injured in Fight Over Woman with 10 Children

two men injured in fight over woman with 10 children
two men injured in fight over woman with 10 children
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Two men were taken to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital for medical treatment after a physical altercation regarding a woman with ten children. The individuals involved are Charles Okwale, 38 years old, and Joseph Esenu, 48 years old. The fight, which took place on Sunday, involved the use of daggers and handheld hoes.

Authorities report that the dispute began when Esenu allegedly discovered Okwale engaging in a sexual act with his wife, Petwa Ajakol, around midnight in Aukot Village, Soroti District.

Hospital records indicate that Okwale suffered a severe and open chest wound, in addition to injuries on his arms and legs. As of Monday, he was unable to walk and could only communicate through hand gestures.

Esenu, also hospitalized at the same facility, sustained deep open injuries on his head, arms, and back. Both victims reside in Aukot parish, Aukot Sub County, Soroti District.

Esenu claimed that Okwale had been involved in an illicit sexual relationship with his wife since 2015, despite his efforts to end it. He stated that this was the third time he had caught them in the act, with previous instances resulting in confrontations.

On the night of the incident, Esenu and his wife had left a beer party together at 11:30 pm. However, the woman disappeared, prompting a search that led to the discovery of the couple engaged in a sexual encounter.

In the ensuing confrontation, Esenu used a dagger, and Okwale retaliated with a handheld hoe, resulting in injuries to both parties. The incident took place in a house belonging to Moses Achunu, whose wife had allegedly played a role in facilitating the affair.

Aukot Sub-County LC III chairperson John Michael Egadu confirmed the incident and attributed it to issues of alcoholism prevalent in the Ocamunite and Osimailling areas.

According to East Kyoga police spokesperson John Robert Tukei, as of press time, the conflicting parties had not yet formally reported the matter to the authorities.