Home Crime Kasese Enumerators Face Arrest for Forging Census Data

Kasese Enumerators Face Arrest for Forging Census Data

After being counted at his residence in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council, Bukonzo County, West Kasese District, State Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Kabbyanga Godfrey Balu , urged Ugandans to support the Census for improved service delivery.
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Kasese Enumerators Face Arrest for Forging Census Data – Over 2,033 enumerators have been hired for the current census in Kasese district, along with more than 200 supervisors. However, concerns have arisen about some enumerators filling in census forms with information not provided by residents. This has led to serious warnings from district authorities.

Joseph Isingoma, the Kasese district census officer and senior planner, emphasized that any enumerators found forging data will be arrested and prosecuted. “If you sit under a tree and make up information, we will take action against you,” he stated, noting that a monitoring team is already in place to oversee the process.

Isingoma spoke to the media on May 14, 2024, at the Central Division head offices in Kasese municipality. He mentioned that the allocated time for the census is sufficient for enumerators to visit each home in their assigned villages and accurately record residents’ details.

He also warned residents against boycotting the census. Isingoma urged everyone to participate so that the government can obtain accurate data for effective planning.

State Minister for ICT, Godfrey Kabbyanga, also addressed issues with the census process. He criticized some enumerators for being too slow, taking up to two hours at a single household, which could delay the entire exercise. “I am worried we might need more days,” he said.

Kabbyanga also mentioned problems with the tablets used by enumerators. He suggested that some enumerators might not have paid enough attention during training or lacked the necessary skills to use these ICT devices. “We provided well-tested, first-hand devices. If they work in some areas, why not in others?” he questioned. He acknowledged that poor network coverage in some areas might cause GPS issues, but noted that there are alternative solutions available.

The government is determined to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the census data. Both officials stressed the importance of cooperation from both the enumerators and the residents to achieve a successful and reliable census.

Source: The Ankole Times