Home Crime Land Broker Faces Fraud Charges Over 200 Acre Property

Land Broker Faces Fraud Charges Over 200 Acre Property

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Mr. Muhammad Kamoga, a land broker, is facing fraud charges related to the acquisition of a 200-acre piece of land in Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District. The deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. George William Byansi, requested the police to apprehend Mr. Kamoga on September 4 for his alleged fraudulent activities involving land in Bukaya and Bugoba villages in Garuga.

The charges against Mr. Kamoga include forgery, uttering a false document, and obtaining registration through false pretenses. The accusations stem from events that occurred on May 7, 2021, when Mr. Kamoga, while at the Wakiso lands office, is said to have forged a transfer form related to land on Block 435, Plot 8. He falsely claimed ownership on behalf of Mr. Peter Bibangamba. Additionally, Mr. Kamoga is alleged to have forged a transfer form dated February 8, 2021, pertaining to land on Block 435, consisting of 105 plots. These forged documents were submitted to the registrar of titles, falsely signed by Mr. Bibangamba.

The State contends that Mr. Kamoga willfully manipulated the Registration of Titles Act, falsely asserting that the land had been transferred to him by Mr. Bibangamba.

Mr. Bibangamba has accused Mr. Kamoga of subdividing his land into over 100 plots, transferring them into his own name, and subsequently selling them without Mr. Bibangamba’s consent. In 2021, Mr. Bibangamba had enlisted Mr. Kamoga’s services to reclaim his land from troublesome occupants.

An agreement was signed between Mr. Bibangamba and Mr. Kamoga, supported by powers of attorney granting Mr. Kamoga the authority to execute the necessary tasks. These powers included signing and executing court documents and taking steps to enforce the agreement.

However, it is alleged that Mr. Kamoga went beyond his mandate by subdividing the land into numerous small plots, transferring most of them into his name, and selling them without Mr. Bibangamba’s knowledge or consent.

Mr. Kamoga, who is currently on police bond, could not be reached for comment as his phone was switched off. He is representing himself in a civil matter.