Home Crime Moroto Hospital Under Fire for Alleged Negligence in Maternal Death

Moroto Hospital Under Fire for Alleged Negligence in Maternal Death

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IMG 20240206 WA0124
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The management of Moroto regional referral hospital will this time around not dodge to face court following the decision by the relatives of  a mother who died while giving birth in the hospital.
The relatives  of Sarah Nadye have decided to get a lawyer to take up the matter against Moroto regional referral hospital.
The deceased Nadye lost her life due to what the public has perceived as routine negligence of nurses on duty.
According to the aunty of the decease known as Nakoroi the  deceased went to the hospital and stayed there for five days without being attended to until she developed a labour pain.
She added that during the labour pain the deceased was pushed to the theater by people who either didnt know how to operate and they only realised   that the new  baby had a cut in the hand and the eye.
“These so called doctors also failed to make the deceased mother to woke up instead pulled her to the floor of the ward while on oxygen and one side of the stomach was opened, this made us raise concerns but the doctors disappeared,”he said.
Ms Nakoroi added that other doctors came and  started stitching the stomach of th e deceased while in the ward and by that time the deceased started developing hiccups and died.
Much as  the hospital administration claims the mother went to the hospital late, but this arguement was rejected during the hospital board meeting with the general public who were very angry with the hospital management.
Speaking to thi publication Mr.Rapheal Lokiru who says hes the relative of the deceased said they are consulting a lawyer to take up the matter with the overwhelming evidence of negligence they have against the hospital management.
“We are not going to leave this hospital to go free after causing the death of our relative,”he said.
According to Mr Lokiru the deceased was still at her youthful  age and it was her first pregnancy.
James Loputh another relative explained that many mothers have lost their lives in Moroto regional referral hospital in what they called negligence but their relatives keep quite saying for them they will not leave be hospital.
“Justice must prevail on this matter because until when will mothers continue loosing their lives in the same manner,”he asked.
Peter Louse another concern resident said the management of Moroto  regional referral hospital must be force to account.
He said they have compiled a list and pictures  of mothers who have died in the hospital as a result of negligence.
Attempts to get a comment from Steven Pande the hospital director were futile as he could not pick up our repeated calls.
This publication has learnt that more than  20 people are willing to testify against the hospital should the case be taken to court.
Story Source: The Ankole Times