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Nakasongola Community Alarmed by Rising Crime

nakasongola community alarmed by rising crime
nakasongola community alarmed by rising crime

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Nakasongola District is grappling with unsettling incidents that have left its residents concerned. The Nakasongola District Police Commander has called these events “unfortunate” and is urging residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities in their communities.

Last week, on September 25, a family of three, Julius Mutimba (45), his wife Resty Nakayima (35), and their six-month-old baby, Immaculate, were riding on a motorcycle to their home at Bamugolodde Trading Centre in Kalongo Sub-county, Nakasongola District. Unbeknownst to them, they were being followed.

Around 9 pm, as they traveled along a community road, they encountered an unexpected roadblock. Geoffrey Ssemiga, a retired security officer and Nakasongola Town Council resident, expressed his shock, stating that such incidents were unexpected in the area.

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The assailants, armed with machetes, launched a gruesome attack on the family. Fenekansi Kimeze, the LC1 chairperson of Bamugolodde Village, suggested that the attackers may have coordinated their actions via phone to track the family’s movements.

These recent incidents have sparked memories of a series of six deaths that occurred in December 2020. Four of these killings involved machete-wielding gangs who struck in broad daylight. At the time, residents suspected rebel groups, but state authorities dismissed these fears.

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Sam Kigula, the Nakasongola District chairperson, has noted similarities between the recent killings and those in 2020, raising concerns about the resurgence of machete gangs.

In response, the Nakasongola District Police Commander has urged residents to stay vigilant and report any suspicious individuals. Kigula supports the idea of revitalizing the district’s neighborhood watch program, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in ensuring security.

Residents are now calling for increased security measures, including the deployment of more police personnel at village-based police posts. Saleh Kamba, the Nakasongola Resident District Commissioner, has encouraged residents to actively participate in neighborhood watch programs.

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Rogers Sunday Bwanga, the Nakasongola District Council speaker, highlighted the need for heightened security, as the attackers seem to have a distinctive modus operandi and do not wait for victims to reach their homes.

These incidents have left Nakasongola District, established in 1997, on edge, with residents anxious about their safety.