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Police Arrest Pastor Over Child Sacrifice

CP Enanga -Police PRO
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CP Enanga -Police PRO

Police in Jinja have arrested Prophet Joseph Sserubiri , a self-styled pastor and his wife Felista Namaganda on charges of kidnap and murder for ritualistic sacrifice of a 4-year-old girl victim.

The victim, Nakisuyi Trinity Nabirye Zabella, whom they allegedly kidnapped on the 30.09.2021, was a daughter to their landlord, John Mulodi of Kakira market zone, Kakiira Town Council, in Jinja district.

He had rented out a garage to the prophet, which they turned into a church, called Deliverance and Healing Ministries, Kakira.

Police has also arrested Buyinza Israel Isma, a senior Pastor from Deliverance and Healing Ministries church, located at Ganda, Nansana, who allegedly lured him into the act.

According to Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga, Prophet Sserubiri had disappeared after the incident of child kidnap but was tracked down and arrested.

“Together with his wife, they admitted to having murdered the 4-year-old, Nakisuyi Trinity, in the garage turned church for spiritual prowess.  They slit the throat of the victim and chopped off her head, which they went and buried in the lake at Wanyange.  And the headless body was buried in Kinyomo sugarcane plantation, in Kakira Town Council,” Enanga said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Nakisuyi Trinity.  The pain and fear she must have endured at the time of the incident are over whelming, for her age.  We have recovered both the remains of the head and the headless body of the 4-year-old victim and subjected samples for DNA, to establish whether they match.  Other exhibits of a blood stained trouser, belonging to the self-styled Prophet and other blood samples from the garage turned church were recovered as well.” He added.

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