Home Crime Police Nab Suspect Impersonating NDA Officer in Iganga

Police Nab Suspect Impersonating NDA Officer in Iganga

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Police in Iganga have arrested a man named Hamas Paaya A.K Hamas Nuwahereza for masquerading as an employee of the National Drug Authority (NDA) and extorting money from drug shop operators.

Paaya allegedly impersonated Zaidi Mwhondha, the Busoga regional NDA supervisor, and extorted over shs3 million from unsuspecting operators under the guise of processing licenses for their outlets.

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Paaya was arrested in Nawandala subcounty after a clinic operator, Recheal Negesa, reported him to the district drug inspector. Negesa claimed that Paaya threatened to close down her clinic for operating illegally.

Upon questioning, Paaya presented an identity card belonging to Hamasa Nuwahereza, but police officers grew suspicious due to his different accent. When asked about his supervisors, Paaya became uneasy, prompting his arrest.

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Sarah Kauma, the district inspector of drugs, stated that this is not the first time Paaya has been accused of impersonation. He has reportedly been posing as an NDA inspector for an extended period.

Dr. Richard Kirigwajja, the regulatory officer at NDA, advised drug outlets to be vigilant with such individuals. He pointed out that NDA inspectors always use company-branded vehicles when carrying out operations, unlike Paaya, who was using a motorcycle.

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The suspect is currently being held at Nawandala Police Station in Iganga pending arraignment in court.