Home Courts Police Officer Ivan Wabwire Faces Murder Trial for Killing Indian Money Lender

Police Officer Ivan Wabwire Faces Murder Trial for Killing Indian Money Lender

police officer ivan wabwire faces murder trial for killing indian money lender
police officer ivan wabwire faces murder trial for killing indian money lender
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Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court has sent Police Officer Ivan Wabwire to the High Court to stand trial for the murder of Indian money lender Uttam Bhandari Saremal. The decision was made by Chief Magistrate Ronald Kayizzi after State Attorney Ivan Kyazze informed the court that investigations in the case were complete. Kyazze presented committal papers to the court, which the prosecution will use to build their case against Wabwire.

Wabwire faced this transfer to the High Court because the Magistrates court lacks the authority to handle murder cases, which carry a potential maximum sentence of death upon conviction.

According to the records presented in court, on May 10, 2023, Police Constable Steven Murombo signed out an AK-47 rifle with 120 rounds of ammunition from the Armory of Central Police Station-CPS Kampala. He informed his colleague, Nobody Mudasiri, who was then the Acting Armory manager, that he would be performing duties at Nakivubo Community Police Post. Two days later, the same gun was returned, and Murombo placed it under his mattress in the CPS Barracks room he shared with Wabwire.

The prosecution’s evidence indicates that Murombo left the gun hidden under his mattress to seek medical attention, leaving Wabwire alone in the room. Wabwire had disputes with the deceased, who was associated with TFS Financial Services, a money lending entity, over a loan he had secured but failed to repay, resulting in accumulating interest.

In response, Wabwire, on May 12th, 2023, dressed in police uniform, took Murombo’s gun and used a Boda Boda to reach TFS Financial Services. He then entered the deceased’s office and shot him after a discussion, also firing shots at the CCTV screen displaying the scenes. Surveillance cameras at Raja chambers captured Wabwire’s actions before he fled the scene, returning the gun to CPS.

Wabwire managed to escape, but a joint security team arrested him in Busia District on May 14th, 2023, with the guidance of Lt. Frank Nyakairu, the Senior Investigations Expert. The examination of Wabwire found him to be of normal mental state, and the deceased’s cause of death was determined to be hemorrhagic shock due to gunshot wounds.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) mentioned that a ballistic report confirmed that the gun used by Wabwire was in good working condition, and he was responsible for firing the fatal shots. Although Wabwire had a chronic mental illness called Schizophrenia, a mental status report from Butabika Hospital indicated that he was mentally fit to provide a statement regarding his actions leading to the incident. His illness did not impact his capacity to commit the illegal actions resulting in the murder.

The indictment, signed by Senior State Attorney Timothy Amerit on behalf of the DPP, states that the prosecution possesses evidence in the form of documents, videos, sketch maps, and reports to support Wabwire’s conviction for the murder.

The trial date in the High Court remains uncertain as Wabwire has been returned to remand until the court is ready to hear his case.