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Police Rescue Eight-Year-Old Girl from Alleged Sacrificial Plot in Busia

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Police in Busia District, Eastern Uganda, have rescued an eight-year-old girl from two knife-wielding men who reportedly kidnapped her from Kampala with the intention of sacrificing her.

The girl was saved from Mirembe Guest House in Kisenyi village, Busia Town, after two unidentified men, accompanied by her uncle only identified as Kifefe, took advantage of her parents’ absence to abduct her.

“The suspects took me away from home while my parents were in the garden, saying they were going to buy me snacks from the shop,” said the girl, who only recalls her late mother as Mwajuma, on March 2, 2024.

Moses Mugwe, the Bukedi South region Police spokesman, stated: “Someone by the name of ‘uncle Kifefe’ took advantage of the parents’ absence and convinced the victim that he was going to buy her something to eat from a nearby shop.”

Police further indicated that “Kifefe seems to be known to the victim’s family and appears to have taken the girl with intentions of sacrificing her.”

Nixon Wandera, the manager of the guest house, reported that the unidentified men arrived to book a room with the child around 8 pm on Friday but lacked any identification.

“When I requested their identification, they took the child to the room and left to bring the documents; however, shortly after, the victim began crying and calling for help, stating she did not know the men,” recounted Wandera.

Suspecting foul play, Wandera instructed his colleague, Dennis Tibanja, to look after the facility and the child while he rushed to Busia Police Station to report the incident.