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RDC Suspended for Assaulting Civilian in Luuka District


RDC Suspended for Assaulting Civilian in Luuka District – The Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Luuka District, Paul Bweni, has been suspended following allegations of assaulting a resident, Abudallah Kisige, without provocation.

This action was taken after Mr. Kisige lodged a complaint accusing Mr. Bweni of physically assaulting him, as confirmed by a letter from the Office of the President, which oversees presidential appointees.

In the letter signed by Mr. Yunus Kakande, the secretary in the Office of the President, it was stated that Mr. Kisige’s complaint of physical assault against Mr. Bweni violates specific sections of the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders (2021). However, it was emphasized that the complaint also constitutes a criminal matter, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Police.

In response to the allegations, Mr. Kakande announced the immediate suspension of Mr. Bweni from his duties as the Deputy RDC of Luuka District. The suspension entails handing over all official responsibilities, including office, government vehicle, and any other government property in Mr. Bweni’s possession, except his employment identity card, as stipulated by the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders (2021).

Furthermore, Mr. Bweni was instructed to provide a written defense regarding the allegations within a fortnight. Mr. Kakande emphasized the need for Mr. Bweni to explain why his case should not be referred to the Rewards and Sanctions Committee of the Office of the President for further disciplinary action.

The incident leading to Mr. Bweni’s suspension gained public attention after a video circulated on social media, showing him physically assaulting a resident whose reasons remain unclear. In the viral video, Mr. Bweni is heard questioning the victim about washing his car, although the exact cause of the assault could not be independently verified.

This suspension underscores the seriousness with which allegations of misconduct by public officials are taken, especially regarding physical violence against civilians. The swift response from the Office of the President reflects a commitment to uphold ethical conduct and ensure accountability among government representatives at all levels.

Moving forward, the investigation into Mr. Bweni’s alleged assault will be closely monitored, with expectations for a fair and transparent process. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their position or status within society.

Source: The Ankole Times