Delayed justice for suspects in broad daylight assassination of Indian businessman

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Lawyers representing five suspects connected to the murder of a 24-year-old Indian businessman, Patel Kumar Kuntaj, during a broad daylight assassination on October 27, 2022, expressed their dissatisfaction today over delayed justice for their clients.

The suspects include Elioda Gumizamu, who shot Patel Kumar Kuntaj, and died in Mutolere hospital. The others are Bernard Nteziyaremye, commonly known as Lampard, Gardiso Nyabangabo, commonly known as Gardson, Charles Nteziryayo, and Ntibakuze Godfrey, alias Kafero.

Counsel Nabasa Rodgers, Counsel Ngaruye Ruhindi, and Counsel Mutungyi represent the five suspects.

One suspect, Ntibakuze Godfrey, physically appeared before the Kisoro Chief Magistrate court today, while the other four appeared via Zoom, and the connections were stable.

The defense counsel asked the court to adjourn the matter to another day because the case file for the suspects is still with the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) for perusal and advice.

The court, led by Chief Magistrate Komakech Kenneth, adjourned the matter to March 22, 2023.

Speaking to Voice of Muhabura, Ngaruye Ruhindi of Ngaruye Ruhindi and Spencer Advocates said that the DPP should assign another person to handle the case file if they are too busy because the process is taking too long. He said that his clients would have spent six months in prison without committal, which is unlawful, by the next time they appear in court. He demanded that the court release all of them or some of them who are accused without evidence.

Counsel Nabasa Rodgers of Marvins Company and Advocates said that justice delayed is justice denied because it is not clear whether his clients will be compensated if they are found innocent.

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