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Disgruntled Staff Pose Hurdle to Speaker Among’s Reform Agenda


Ugandan social media platforms have been buzzing for the past three weeks, ignited by a campaign led by social activists from the Agora Discourse group. Under the hashtag #UgandaParliamentExhibition, a wave of leaked information from the parliament has flooded the public sphere, exposing alleged corruption and mismanagement within the institution.

Since assuming leadership as Speaker, Rt Hon. Anita Annet Among inherited a host of challenges from her predecessors, including entrenched issues of nepotism and influence peddling among MPs, staff, and top managers.

Under Among’s tenure, many MPs are accused of using their influence to secure positions for their relatives, girlfriends, and political allies, while others have allegedly manipulated internal recruitment processes to unfairly promote less qualified individuals. This has led to resentment among longstanding staff members, who feel sidelined and undervalued.

Reports suggest that some new staff and interns have been facilitated by their connections within parliament to participate in internal job interviews, bypassing established procedures. Additionally, there are allegations of collusion between top managers and the human resource department to draft fraudulent contracts for personal gain.

The reshuffling of senior staff members between departments has further exacerbated tensions, with many feeling disgruntled and redundant. Long-serving employees accustomed to lucrative positions find themselves reassigned to less desirable roles, leading to accusations of favoritism and further straining relations with Speaker Among.

While Among’s intentions may have been to streamline operations and ensure continuity from previous administrations, the fallout from these decisions has fueled discontent among staff members, some of whom are now turning to social media to air their grievances. As the storm continues to brew online, the parliament faces mounting pressure to address allegations of corruption and restore confidence in its leadership.