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FULL LIST: Here Are the Students’ Names Selected for Government Loans

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The list of those eligible for government student loans for the academic year 2022–2023 was made public on Tuesday by the Ministry of Education.

Following approval by the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board, 625 students will receive financing for their cohort (HESFB).

Since the program’s launch in 2014, a total of 13,405 people has benefited.

Speaking to the media after the list was released, the Minister of State for Higher Education, Hon. Chrysostom Muyingo, remarked that the Northern Uganda area had topped this year’s loan program award, accounting for up to 30% of the recipients.

On the other hand, the Minister urged more female students to seek for financial aid under the program because just 33% of the recipients were female.

“We must strive to have an equal number of women and men benefit from the program”, he added.

According to Michael O. Wanyama, the executive director of the HESFB, 3,089 students applied overall this year, and 672 of them were rejected.

In order to meet the increased demand for student loans, Mr. Wanyama pleaded with the government to enhance funds.

It was discovered that up to 40% of the loans for previous recipients have already been repaid, with some paying even before the grace period had expired.

Here is the full list of selected names of students eligible for the loans


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