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UN Appeals to Afghan Authorities to Allow Girls Back in School

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In a statement on September 28, 2023, UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis expressed his concern and urged the Afghan authorities to reconsider their decision to prohibit girls from receiving a proper education. Francis emphasized that Afghan women and girls, like men, have fundamental human rights that should be respected.

He stressed the importance of girls’ education, highlighting that it plays a crucial role in the development of communities and society as a whole. Francis believes that allowing girls to attend school can contribute to making Afghanistan a stronger and more cohesive nation. He expressed concern that keeping girls out of school might lead to a sense of hopelessness and weaken the country rather than strengthen it.

Francis noted that Afghanistan is currently the only country in the world where girls are not permitted to access education, a situation he described as inconceivable and a global anomaly. He urged authorities to address this issue promptly, emphasizing that such outdated practices need to be rectified on a global scale.