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Cleopatra Koheirwe Voices Frustration Over Inactive Actors on Set

Cleopatra Koheirwe
Cleopatra Koheirwe

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Film actress Cleopatra Koheirwe has expressed disappointment with actors who lack active engagement on set, citing their unprofessional behavior as a hindrance to the filmmaking process. Koheirwe, renowned for her role as ‘Eunice Kintu’ in the popular TV series Prestige, stated that such lackluster performances not only slow down shooting but also impede career progression for the actors involved.

In a recent interview, Koheirwe emphasized the importance of professionalism on set, highlighting the negative impact it can have on the entire film project. She lamented actors who play around, ask unnecessary questions, and fail to take their work seriously, asserting that the film set becomes an enduring issue in such situations.

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According to Koheirwe, unprofessional behavior during auditions can result in missed opportunities for actors. She urged her fellow actors to display humility, recognizing that auditions provide a platform where they may encounter influential individuals, including the film’s director.

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Additionally, Koheirwe stressed the significance of accepting smaller roles in films, describing them as stepping stones in an actor’s career. She criticized emerging actors who dismiss such opportunities, emphasizing that greatness in acting often begins with starting from the bottom.

“You can’t become a great actor without starting from the bottom,” Koheirwe emphasized.

Reflecting on her own journey in the entertainment industry, Cleopatra Koheirwe initially gained recognition as a singer in the popular music, dance, and drama group Obsessions. She later transitioned to roles in the media and eventually joined the film industry. Her prominence increased through her leading role in the TV series Prestige.

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Koheirwe has also been featured in notable films, including Ssekukkulu: A Ugandan Christmas, The Last King of Scotland, Reflections, Be The Judge, and Yogera.