Home Entertainment Dorah Takes Legal Action Against Bruno’s Song; Unveils Baby’s Gender

Dorah Takes Legal Action Against Bruno’s Song; Unveils Baby’s Gender

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Dorah Heads to Court Over Bruno’s “Nakulyako” Song, Reveals Baby’s Gender

Mariam Sembatya, also known as Dorah, is taking legal action against Bruno K, a singer who claims to be the father of her child. This comes after Bruno K threatened to sue Dorah for defamation.

Shortly after Bruno announced his intention to sue Dorah for defamation, Dorah has decided to take the matter to court as well. She believes that Bruno’s latest song contains veiled insults directed at her.

The song in question, titled “Nakulyako,” was released last Sunday. In the song, which features Gravity Omutujju, Bruno K boasts about having been involved with a woman who is now boasting about her beauty to the world.

The song includes lyrics like, “After all, I did not steal your goodies…it was you who came around calling me daddy,” and it has been uploaded to YouTube by Bruno.

Dorah, represented by Reeve Advocates, has requested the removal of this song. They sent a letter of intention to sue both Bruno and Gravity.

The lawyers’ letter stated, “You are aware that between January 2023 and mid-July 2023, you were in a romantic relationship with our client, during which you received substantial financial benefits. However, after discovering your hidden motives, our client decided to end the relationship.”

“Surprisingly, our client noticed a post on your Facebook page under the name Bruno Kay on September 23, 2023, with her prominently featured image and the caption ‘Nakulyako Tomorrow.’ This post was made without her consent, violating her constitutional right to privacy and breaching the Data Protection Act (2019).”

If Bruno does not remove the song, the lawyers have vowed to proceed with the lawsuit.

It is worth noting that last week, Bruno also announced his plans to take legal action against Dorah for, among other things, sharing their private phone conversations online, which he claimed violated various sections of the recently enacted Computer Misuse Act. He also accused Dorah of illegally revealing DNA information about their child.

In a new interview released today, Dorah revealed that she is expecting a baby girl. She also expressed her intention to keep the child away from its father as long as the current dispute continues.

“She is a baby girl, and as you know, girls can only have a close relationship with their fathers if their fathers are actively involved in their lives,” she stated. Dorah also expressed confidence in her legal support, indicating that she is not concerned about Bruno’s lawsuit.