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Finally Bad Black Reveals What Made Her About Nigeria’s Mr. Flavour


Famous socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa, famously known as Bad Black, has at last disclosed that when she invited Mr Flavour for her birthday party, she smoked weed and it’s what made her to insult him.

In September 2011, Namuyimbwa called the Nigerian artist to perform for her on her 22nd birthday party at then famous hangout Club Rouge. However, she ended up giving him a difficult time after she smoked Marijuana and pinned alot of abuses at him.

While Speaking to BTM TV on Friday, Bad Black confessed that Flavour is not among her Exes adding that she didn’t do anything with him.

“That one (Flavour) is not among my exes. I don’t want to lie about that. I didn’t anything with him because Kim Swagga gave me weed that night, I got high and started insulting the Nigerian,” she revealed

Besides the weed which spoilt her time with the “Ashawo” hit singer, Namuyimbwa alleged that she had competition from fellow socialite and model Judith Heard and Sylvia Owori. She alleged that the two were so close to Flavour, surrounding him for his attention.

“I didn’t do anything with him. The man was being watched by three people; me, Sylvia Owori, and Judith Heard but it’s my name that caught the headlines,” she revealed.

When Mr. Flavour left her at Club Rouge, he went to Kololo hangout Casablanca where he reportedly met Judith Heard. She alleged that Heard most likely spent the night with the artist as per her sharpshooter moves of seduction.

“So he left and went to Casablanca where Judith Heard met him. I think Nnalongo Judith Heard left with him. She must have had a thing with him. Nnalongo doesn’t fail,” she stressed.

Upon catching wind of the accusations, Heard swiftly reacted by warning Bad Black to present evidence before tarnishing her reputation. She is also thinking of picking a leaf from her namesake Amber Heard’s recent trial to sue Bad Black for defamation.

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