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WE ARE NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL. “You Grew Up Watching That’s Life Mwattu and Kigenya Agenya on A Black and White Tv”. Sheilah Gashumba Destroys NBS’S Motor Mouthed Kays


Sheila Gashumba, a renowned Ugandan entertainment maestro, has launched a scathing attack against NBS’s Entertainment presenter Isaac Kawalya, also known as Kays.

She reminded him that they are not on the same level, as she grew up watching live performances of Rihanna and Beyoncé, as well as Disney Channel, while he grew up watching “That’s Life Mwattu” and “Kigenya Agenya” on a black and white TV. Gashumba’s words demonstrate the stark contrast between their respective upbringings.

Gashumba advised Kayz to stick to attending parties in his neighborhood, emphasizing that she has never seen a TV presenter in her whole life who has wanted clout and relevancy like Kayz.

She suggested that attending parties in his neighborhood would be a more effective way to gain the relevancy and clout that he desires, rather than trying to pursue fame through other means.

Sheila Gashumba took to Twitter to caution Kays to stop belittling, mocking, and disrespecting people in the entertainment industry.

She reminded him that he is far from perfect, and that spreading negativity around will not help anyone. She urged him to be more mindful and respectful of others in the industry.

In response to Isaac Kayz’s remarks, Sheilah Gashumba has made some harsh statements in what was becoming a growing conflict between the two.

Kayz had expressed his disapproval of the NBS TV presenter’s outfit during a recent show, as well as what she wore to the Choplife end-of-year party at Vault Bandali Rise in Bugolobi.

Sheilah Gashumba was clearly angered by the criticism, and made it clear with her statements.

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