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Erias Lukwago’s Political Journey: From DP to FDC

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Erias Lukwago, the current Kampala Lord Mayor, has recently taken on a new role as the interim president of the Katonga faction within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party. This move has sparked discussions about his political journey and potential future.

Lukwago’s departure from his long-time political home, the Democratic Party (DP), happened three years ago. He joined FDC with much fanfare and was assigned card number 616,417. His political rise within FDC continued, and he became the deputy president in charge of the Buganda sub-region.

However, not everyone within FDC sees Lukwago’s leadership as a positive development. The Najjanankumbi faction of FDC views him with skepticism, citing his involvement in past wrangles within the Democratic Party.

The controversy around Lukwago’s entry into FDC escalated when he was declared the interim president of a faction within the party. This move was met with resistance from some FDC members, including Patrick Amuriat Oboi, who has been suspended by the faction Lukwago leads.

Lukwago has a history of intra-party disagreements, which he experienced during his time with the Democratic Party. He and other DP leaders rejected the results of the DP Mbale delegates’ conference in 2010, leading to divisions within the party. Lukwago was a vocal critic of DP’s leadership under Nobert Mao.

In the 2011 presidential elections, Lukwago and his colleagues threw their support behind Kizza Besigye of FDC, rather than DP’s presidential candidate. Lukwago was also part of the Activists for Change, later known as For God and My Country (4GC), a pressure group advocating for political and economic reforms.

Despite his affiliation with FDC, Lukwago maintained his position as Kampala Lord Mayor, consistently garnering significant voter support.

In 2020, Lukwago officially joined FDC, further solidifying his ties to the party. This move was met with mixed reactions, as some saw it as a natural progression while others questioned his motives.

Kizza Besigye, a prominent figure in FDC, expressed his endorsement of Lukwago as a potential presidential candidate, citing his consistency and commitment to the political struggle. However, some FDC members from the Najjanankumbi faction regretted Lukwago’s inclusion in the party, citing his past issues with DP and KCCA.

Lukwago’s journey from DP to FDC has been marked by political shifts and divisions. His current role as interim president within FDC’s Katonga faction raises questions about the party’s future and the direction Lukwago intends to take.