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PANIC: Ex Kyambogo University staff delete Graduants Data


Kyambogo University has been thrown into a panic barely weeks to its 17th graduation ceremony after former staff allegedly deleted results and data of nearly 2,900 students from the university system.

Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said the e-campus system that houses students’ data was deleted last week and is yet to be retrieved.

The source also said the university website was taken offline before being restored after about one day.

Other services that were affected include university server, library system and university email.
According to the source, prime suspects include former staff who used to manage these systems.

These include Mr Shamusu Zziwa, Mr Joseph Katongole, Mr Philemon Wenganga, Mr Hudson Kisitu and Mr Joshua Muzaaya. All of them have flatly denied the accusations.

The suspects formerly worked as assistant information technology officers in the Directorate of ICT at the university and resigned a few months back.
“The university learnt that some of the staff in question were being investigated by CID on alleged double employment, something the university thinks prompted them to tender their resignation at Kyambogo, “our source said.

The university Vice Chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka yesterday affirmed that the five former staff who resigned from the university and declined to officially hand over the University systems and softwares are prime suspects.

Prof Katunguka said some of the staff in question were employed as full staff and allegedly acted as bosses in Zeenode Company.

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