Home News Fally Ipupa’s Electrifying Show Leaves Kampala Audience in Awe

Fally Ipupa’s Electrifying Show Leaves Kampala Audience in Awe

fally ipupas electrifying show leaves kampala audience in awe
fally ipupas electrifying show leaves kampala audience in awe
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Famed Congolese singer Fally Ipupa concluded his double concert series in Uganda on a high note with a captivating show at the Sheraton Gardens in Kampala. Following his earlier performance in Arua, Fally returned to Kampala with the goal of creating lasting memories for his fans.

On a cloudy Sunday evening, eager attendees patiently lined up until approximately 8pm when most of them had found their spots, eagerly anticipating the performance.

Inside the venue, the standout feature was the impressive stage setup by Fenon Events, featuring enormous LED video walls and intelligent lighting, which added excitement to the crowd despite the chilly weather.

The evening began with a lively performance by the Abeeka Band, known for their vocal prowess, playing the latest club hits to set the perfect mood. When Fally took the stage at 10pm, the audience was already in high spirits and ready to enjoy the show.

Event sponsors, I&M Bank Uganda, were represented by their Group Head of Marketing, Mwihaki Wachira, who had traveled from Nairobi to witness the show from her V.V.I.P seat. She expressed her excitement about being part of such a significant event, praising Fally Ipupa’s flawless performance and highlighting the bank’s role in making the show possible.

The audience, including a significant number of Congolese nationals living and working in Uganda, sang along to Fally’s songs, particularly “Mayday,” a heartfelt track about the pain and confusion of losing a loved one. Other songs like “Eloko Oyo,” “Maria,” “Asfana,” “Bloque,” and “Science Fiction” kept revelers dancing throughout the night.

Fally’s unisex dance crew, dressed in matching pink and white outfits for the ladies and white tees and black jeans for the men, complemented his performance with well-coordinated dance moves. However, it was Fally’s slow, mesmerizing waist-gyrating dance moves that truly captivated the audience, eliciting screams of excitement each time.

For two full hours, Fally Ipupa entertained the crowd, and by the end of the night, attendees left the venue fully satisfied, feeling that they had received excellent value for their money.